Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lia Says

This conversation has occurred more than once, and almost always happens when I'm mostly distracted trying to take care of Eden...

Me: Ok Li, after you eat your food you can have this cookie.

Lia: Put it right here (pointing to a place beside her plate). I'm not going to touch it, I'm just going to look at it.

Me: Ok, but no touching k?

Lia: Ok.

One minute later...

Lia: Mom, can i just hold it? I'm not going to take it out [of the container]. I'm just going to hold it.

Me: Ok, but don't take it out, just hold it, ok?

Another minute passes...

Lia: Mom, Can I just take it out and smell it? I'm not going to eat it, I promise? I'm just going to smell it.

Me: Ok, but just smell it, right? No eating, ok?

Lia: Ok.

After about 30 seconds...

Lia: Mom, I just want one little lick.

Me: No Lia, you need to finish your food first.

Lia (in a high, squeaky voice that is her "nice voice"): Please, can I have one little lick, please?

Me (sighing and trying to comfort a fussing Eden): Ok, since you asked so sweetly you can have one little lick.

15 seconds later...

Lia: Can I have just one bite please? Just one?

Me: Ok, just one.

Lia: Two! Two bites, ok?

Then there was the other night when I put Lia to bed. Eden was on the bed too and we had been reading stories. I got up to leave and reached for Eden. Before I could pick her up Lia said seriously (while tenderly patting Eden's feet)...
"Mom, I won't get out of bed. I won't hit eden. I won't spit on eden. Just leave. her. in. here."
Tempting, but no.

On Wednesday she fell down and scraped her knee on the way back from preschool (as she was juking and jiving away from me because she didn't want to go home.) Once inside the house, this exchange occurred:

Me: Should we wash it off?

Lia: Nope, just leave it on, it will be better in a minute.

And finally, a couple days ago Lia was playing with her markers while I was fixing dinner. When I walked over to see what she was doing, I realized she had taken all their lids off and dunked them in a cup of water. The water was all black and inky.

Me: Lia, don't put your markers in the water. I don't even know if they'll even work anymore.

Lia: Mom, mom, mom, mom. They took their clothes off, took a bath, washed all the bugs out of their hair(?!), put their clothes back on, and went to bed."


Casey said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my gosh. She is seriously the cutest, funniest, smartest little girl ever. I don't know how you ever say no to her. Must be hard!

michelle said...

oh my...i loooove it!! haha! lia is cuteness. and wow her hair is so much longer now! how long are you going to let it grow?

Anonymous said...

love it!
she probably learned about lice at school recently!
have a fun weekend!

Shari said...

I love the little glimpses we get into the minds of children. Those are precious stories, thanks for sharing!

Pound said...

ohh she's getting to the hilarious stage. :P she also sounds like ethan w/ that cookie. kids have no willpower. haha.

vicki boutin said...

Awwwww, aren't they fun!

SELMA said...

I continue to just love your blogs! They have such an artistic edge to them. Also You look great with dark hair too!

Melanie said...

oh my, what a character you have on your hands!

Kimberly said...

clearly and EXCEPTIONAL child - but, then again, she's got good genes, eh?!?!

(dang...she is too cute!!)