Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Picky eaters and snack trays

So Jennifer asked if Lia is picky eater. The answer is mostly no.

She will usually eat what I fix, as long as it's not "picy" (spicy) or leafy greens. The biggest factor is how hungry she is. I don't really mind her snacking around dinner time, as long as it is something healthy. Often she'll be in the kitchen with me and I'll give her little tastes of the things I'm preparing. So if she's been eating right before dinner she usually won't eat much of whatever I make. Most of the time she's a pretty good eater. I think that's because...

*she just wasn't born a picky eater
*she has no older siblings to tell her that certain foods are supposed to be gross
*she has usually eaten what we were eating (in a mashed up form) ever since she was a baby

Sometimes she doesn't want to eat something and that's fine. But if Mark and I make a big show of how good it is, she will usually want to join in. The conversation goes like this.

Mark: Lia, are you going to eat your avocado?

Lia: No, it's too yucky!

Mark: Ok I'll eat it. (takes a bite) Mmmmm, this is really good. Mom? Do you want some avocado.

Me: Ohhh, yes! I loooove avocado. (mark gives me a bit) This is so yummy! I want some more. Can I have another bite?

Lia: (squirming all around in her seat and grasping at the fork) Me! I want a bite! Give it to me!

So we have it pretty easy in the eating department. One thing the question reminded me of was this beauty:

The beloved snack tray. It hasn't been around due to all the moving and new babying, but I am so excited about its return. I assemble it in the morning while Lia is eating breakfast, then stash it in the fridge until Lia is hungry again. A couple hours later I pull it out, let her eat what she wants, then cover it and return it to the fridge until the next hunger pangs arrive.

I love it.
1. I am not constantly pulling out a cutting board and knife, plus other dishes when preparing snacks throughout the day.
2. I can easily keep track of what she is eating. There are no refills until every cup is empty and I give her nothing else to snack on. She always eats her favorites first, but then will eat the rest if she's hungry enough.
3. I can grab something from the tray to snack on when I'm hungry.
4. I can pull this out for lunch too, to munch with a piece of bread.
5. Lia loves it.

Incomplete list of stuff to add
1. dried, frozen, or fresh fruit
2. frozen or fresh veggies
3. trail mix or nuts
4. Chunks of bread or crackers
5. Mini sandwiches (pb and honey, or hummus in a pita)
6. Hard boiled egg or small pieces of meat
7. Leftovers that are cut-upable
8. Mini muffins
9. Cheese
10. Olives
11. Cereal

You get the point. I think this would be great for picky eaters. :) Though I could be wrong. If anyone has tried this with picky eaters let me know! One last thing- a toothpick makes it even more fun to eat. Anyone else have advice for picky eaters?

Eden is two months old today!


sita325 said...
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sita325 said...

that is too fun jill! :)

i am surely going to have to try that when my bitty one gets old enough... thanks for sharing!

oh-- that makes me wonder.. do you have the recipe for your smoothies with spinach in them??

Casey said...

What the heck Jill. I really think that you are like wonder-mom or something. I guess you learned from being raised by your wonderful mom eh?

Jennifer.T said...

WOW thanks so so much for taking the time to answer my question Jill, I really appreciate it :o) I've been battling with her about food since she was 6 months old (she's now 2 and1/2). The snack tray sounds perfect, I can put in Ashleigh's fave foods plus new foods I want her to try (she's not big on meat or veg!) and cross my fingers and hope she'll try some new stuff for a change.

Jill said...

thank you so much for posting the snack tray idea! I saw your post this morning and my 5-year-old daughter saw the picture of the snack tray. she immediately asked if we could do that too! so we did and she loves it. I wish I had seen this idea when my kids were toddlers (they're now 5 and almost 7), but it's still a great idea for older kids too :) thank you!!!

Ashley Wren said...

love love love the snack tray.
i love anything put in muffin tins.
its a perfect idea.
i adore you.

stephanie howell said...

i LOVE this idea. thanks so much for sharing!

kerry lynn said...

one of the best snack ideas ever!

kelly said...

jill, i love catching up on your blog :)
your photos of everyday life just make me smile.

Comptons said...

THAT IS SO NEAT! I am going to do that with Victoria. Eden is gorgeous by the way, simply gorgeous.

Pound said...

that tray is a good idea! too bad ethan's gone most of the day now.
you should make her a bento snack thing :)

Heart Felt said...

Fantastic idea! I love it...I have one picky eater and one who will eat everything! Having a picky eater can be quite distressing sometimes, but I love your idea. xx

doris said...

you are a genius with food. you even make peas ever so slightly tempting. :D

kelly mccaleb said...

SO excited to do that!

tammy kay said...

I love this idea so much Jill! Thanks for sharing it! My little one is constantly saying she is hungry!

Your little one's are adorable!

Abbie said...

I love the snack tray idea. I read about it in a William Sears book years ago & did it a few times with an empty ice tray. I might need to start that tradition up again! Thanks for the great idea.

Mary Jo said...

I found your blog through Kelli Crowe's :)

I love your snack tray idea. I definitely have a picky eater. He's six now, and doing better but has his favorites. I think he would love this.
And his baby sis who is one eats like a bird but lots of snacking throughout the day. I think she would love this, too :)

Kendra said...

Jill, that is such an awesome idea. I will definitely be making a snack tray for our fridge.

Davinie said...

I have picky eaters, and I must try the fancy cupcake pan as a way to entice them... This is a good idea.

lovely lindsay said...

uh - that snack tray is genius. i love it! love your beauty of a blog, too.

Cissy said...

I just found the snack tray idea through Kelly McCaleb's site. Would you mind if I used it (and the photo) on my site, I would, of course, credit and link to you.