Tuesday, August 03, 2010


lucy mae hornby

I'm so happy to be through the first week. The first week is hard. Wonderful, but hard.

Mark and I hadn't discussed names too much. I had a little list in my head of possible girl and boy names, but the girl names were especially vague. As I was sitting in the tub holding my third baby girl, I asked Mark what he thought we should name her. "I was thinking Lucy," he replied. And that was exactly what I was thinking too.
For whatever reason, it took us several days to commit to it. But there was never any other names that we considered.

So our sweet Lucy is here and could not be any more adored, especially by Eden who is relishing her new role as big sister. Thanks for the kind comments. Things are going to be a bit baby-centric around here for awhile. Stick around if you like that sort of thing, or come back in six months if you don't!


Maggie May said...

what a perfect baby picture, and her name is just wonderful. !! makes me so excited for my girl in November- my third baby, too!

kL said...

she is beautiful & wonderful
congratulations jill!!
take care & rest
and i can't wait for more baby posts ;)

Kara said...

gorgeous!! i love her name + looking at her pic makes me so much more excited to welcome our 4th baby girl!! :]

get some rest. ;)
congrats to your entire family.

pakosta said...

Congrats on your 3rd girl!! YAY! I always wanted 3, 4, 5 girls! now I have to read your blog and see what's it is like because I only get to have 2 girlies!!! she's beautifuL!!!!! so excited for you!!! homebirths are magical!

Madeline said...

So incredibly lovely! Great name. Mae is actually the middle name we've chosen....if we have a girl. I love it.

Justin said...

Congratulations! She is very cute.

tammy said...

Precious! Sweet little name for such a sweet thing! My third baby was my first easiest...then the fifth was easy too. Enjoy your new little family of five! I love that sweet smell of newborns and the sweet little sounds they make in your ear when you are holding them! Enjoy every moment...it is so fleeting! Blessings!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i love babies.. welcome to the world, lucy Mae.. i'm gonna adore you from afar.. in this tiny island called Singapore.

shelby valadez said...

she is beautiful! congrats on another baby girl!

Renee said...

Glad things are going good.I'll surely stick around.... babies make great blog posts....especially when pictures accompany the post. :)Little Lucy is so cute and precious! My 3 girls are now 15,13 & 12 & they are really great friends and so fun to be around....I wish I had sisters my age to grow up with b/c I think it would be so fun.

Fairlightday said...

She's beautiful and super sweet! Congratulations! Makes me wonder now if I'm wrong in my intuition about our baby #3. :)
Enjoy this sweet new tiny baby time.