Thursday, March 24, 2011


I loved reading all the name suggestions! We just decided yesterday on the name Captain. The girls have a pirate ship (mound of dirt) in the yard and they had been calling the pup "Captain" while they were playing. It seemed to fit, and we finally had a name that everyone liked. So Captain it is. He is such a good pup!


Anonymous said...

Ha! My husband wants to name our son Captain (Captain Cater :/) When I first glanced at your title I couldn't believe someone had actually named their kid that :)

Glad it's a puppy!! So adorable.

abbiegrace said...

Jill, he is absolutely beautiful!! What a cutie.
We just got a new puppy about 6 months ago. I love her so much and cannot imagine life without her!

I just sent you an email. So happy to have rediscovered your blog!

imemary said...

"Oh Captain, my Captain!"

Earth Mama said...

So cute!! I always loved these dogs as a kid...still do, although now we have a collie. Captin is a great name. :)Lisa

95acresofsky said...

Oh Captain my Captain! This is the exact breed of dog we are dreaming of, he looks beautiful. Can't wait to follow along and see how you get on.