Friday, June 03, 2011

About the bald eagles

Mid-April, right in the midst of our daily online bird watching, I was washing dishes when I happened to glance up and spot a commotion amongst the cows. I paused for a moment and watched. There seemed to be something foreign moving just inside the fence. As I watched, a saw a white head bob around, and huge wings flapping along the ground. "Oh!" I thought. "There is a bald eagle in there and it is HURT!"

The cows were curious and they kept moving forward, then startling back when the eagle would leap forward. Suddenly, I spotted a splash of orange at the bald eagle's feet, and then it hit me. The eagle is not hurt, is has something in its feet and is trying to take off, but it can't. It must have one of our chickens. I dashed outside and ran over to the fence.

The bald eagle did not have one of our chickens. It had plucked our beautiful drake from its little pond we had built in the creek. The eagle dropped the duck when it saw me and flew a little ways away. It was reluctant to leave such a tantalizing lunch, and I ran back up to my house to grab my camera. I was able to get a few pictures. They are beautiful and so big! But I must admit, my feelings toward the bald eagle has changed a bit. I couldn't watch the eagles online without thinking of our dear little duck grasped in this eagle's large talons.


95acresofsky said...

Wow that is crazy! How sad it got one of your ducks : (
But an amazing sighting and not something you see everyday!

shirley said...

That's sad but it's still so cool to have a bald eagle in your area. He looks so noble...just like a bald eagle should look!

Bianchii said...

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Magical Day Dream said...

These pictures are so precious.. :)



sheetal jain said...

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